Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop

That’s creepy: Minority Report meets a William Gibson’s dystopic future. House furnishing becomes a surface for the advertising industry, and despite/because of the social-flow-absorbing skills, our Robocop needs help by an encouraging virtual assistant to prepare a cup of tea.

See the film, 1.46 min:

Here’s some AR screenshots:

A gestural tool to reduce advertising level (which ways do you pay to get less advertising? Here the dynamic is only more explicit):

Directions to prepare a cup of tea:

What’s missing on your fridge:

The social flow superimposed to the kitchen kettle:

That’s a well thought critique, and a warning. I wish that the  author, architect Keiichi Matsuda, could use this as a starting point to image a better future and -as he wish- finding a needed role for architects to make it real.
Technologists beware!


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