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Arduino ecosystem

A looping Rube Goldberg machine meets an Arduino-controlled, Pachube-feededΒ  internet of things ecosystem. Welcome to NABA, where an interactivity course gets an interesting twist, conceiving and producing this prototype. Project goal is to simbolically represent our planet like a fluid interconnected ecosystem. Have a look at the project blog, Interactlaufdinge, for information. More to expect […]


What the iPad means for augmented reality.

Well, nothing. πŸ˜₯ Great screen? check. Gps? check. Compass? check. mobile internet? check. Camera? fail. A game-changing lap sized computer without a camera? A back & front camera would have been great for AR applications. But wait. what about this? Ladies and Gentleman, at your left the new iPad, at your right Vuzix Wrap 920AR […]


The future of magazines

A wonderful Off Topic to start with. 2010 is the year of the e-book readers (hurry up Apple) and magazine publishers are right now struggling to reinvent themselves on a medium that still doesn’t exist in a mature way. New business models are to be found (still waiting for you, Apple, with a new iTunes […]