SixthSense, a good reason to start wearing some markers

Pure genius, real future.

Have a look at SixthSense, a MIT media lab project. Here is what a “wearable gestural interface” looks like.

Pranav Mistry, inventor, wearing the markers. Quoting Pattie Maes, “he’s wearing simple marker caps, but if you want a more stylish version you can also paint your nails in different colors” (sorry so candid I had to quote it):

Colored caps are used to recognize gestures:

Data can be projected everywhere for interaction

I mean everywhere

A lot of applications can be written to interact with real world items and augment information on them:

Some ideas about people recognition already pushing the understatement  boundaries:

Have a look at at the  TED presentation by Patti Maes:

Well, waiting for an open-source prototype (as it’s been promised) to play with.


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